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UK Scaffolders has been providing the people of Sussex with specialist scaffolding services for many years and we thought it was about time that we highlighted the top quality work that we have provided in Pulborough.  From small house refurbishments to huge industrial projects, we have the dedication, skills, commitment and expertise to help bring about a successfully completed project.

As a Sussex based company employing local scaffolding erectors in the Pulborough area, we pride ourselves on fulfilling the unique needs of local people and businesses.  We offer an advanced but cost effective scaffolding hire solution throughout Pulborough and are proud members of Chas and the independent website Checkatrade, with the full accreditations and certificates that these registrations demand.

Recommended Scaffold Erectors in Pulborough

We have provided fast, affordable and efficient scaffolding in Pulborough to a variety of commercial and domestic customers, including rental property agents and shop owners.  We have also worked on smaller contracts for local trade and construction contractors, who are now regular customers.  Most of our new business is gained through personal recommendation of our services.

 Temporary roof scaffold Heathcote Pulborough

Access Scaffolds in Pulborough

We specialise in offering access scaffolding and solutions for any type of building and project.  We supply and erect roof, chimney and conservatory scaffolds and will ensure that all structures are fitted with edge protection and safety handrails where required.  Scaffold towers are also a popular choice; these can be used indoors or outdoors and include boarded work platforms.  We often refer to indoor scaffold platforms as birdcages and we recently provided one in the stairwell area for plastering and decorating purposes on a new build project on Common Hill in West Chiltington.  We also provided the scaffold access on the exterior to enable trades workers to complete the external brickwork and install the new roof coverings.

UK Scaffolders also delivers temporary roofs, stages and tree protection and can provide safety equipment such as debris netting, harnesses, scaff tags and toe boards plus mona flex sheeting.

Innovative Scaffold Design Suppliers

Sometimes a changing or complex project will require more than a standard scaffold.  Our qualified scaffolders in Pulborough can provide a specialist design service aimed at giving you the flexible working environment needed without impacting on health and safety regulations.  We will draw up all of the plans and will advise on planning regulations or working at height considerations.  Even on a specialist service like this, our prices remain competitive and will help to keep your project costs low.
One of the most important features of any scaffolding company is their expertise in health and safety and our policy is available for all to see.  We only deploy scaffolders with full qualifications but also invest in further training for them so that they keep up to date at all times.  A supervisor undertakes regular inspections of any trainee scaffolder we use to ensure that out high standards are maintained.

Our scaffolding Pulborough conforms to all safety regulations and we use high quality TG20 compliant tubes, poles, ties and board clips to keep our structures safe and secure, no matter what the weather.

Scaffolding Pulborough Jobs

We have an extensive portfolio of satisfied customers who are glad that they chose our services.  These are just some of those recent jobs we have undertaken:

Station Road
A chimney stack scaffold was erected to the side elevation of this detached property.  We built a four lift high access tower with boarded lifts to suit the project, including a ladder access to enable the homeowner to reach all sides of the stack.

Popular Court
Refurbishment was wanted on a small block of flats and we were contracted to supply the access platforms to enable the windows and cladding to be replaced.  Six separate sections of scaffolding were provided with debris netting installed to contain any dust or debris.

Pulborough Medical Centre, London Road
This new build project involved the provision of a new pharmacy and doctors’ surgery for the area.  We used scaffolding access to allow the completion of the external and internal blockwork walls.  Four large scaffold loading areas were provided to enable the tower crane to stack materials at working levels.

Spiro Close
Because adverse weather had damaged the leadwork, remedial scaffolding was erected on the front and rear elevations of three properties to remove and re-install the coping stones.  Two lifts of scaffolding levels were required to provide a working platform at gutter level.

The Spinney
A roofing scaffold was erected to three sides of this property to enable a local roofing company access to various repairs.  Three lifts of scaffold were built, including spanning over the rear conservatory with 6 metre alloy beams and a ladder access point provided on the front elevation.

Stall House Lane
A residential customer was having a two storey extension built at the rear of the property and needed our scaffolding services to give the access needed to complete the build.  Progressive scaffold was provided on three visits and completed at gutter level to construct the roof.

Station Approach
This warehouse unit needed a roof replacement so we provided a boarded scaffold platform at roof level to the front and rear elevations and installed double edged protection handrails on the gable end elevations.

Church Place
A scaffold tower was built on the side of the property to give access to the loft area for a two bedroom loft conversion to be carried out.  The scaffolding platform was built to an extra width to give a working area on the top boarded lift for preparing materials to be used on the build.

Stane Street
At this property, the householder needed to access a chimney stack on the rear elevation positioned over a lower pitched roof.  Two scaffold support towers were erected on either side of the pitched roof and we used alloy beams used to join the tower together at roof level, creating a boarded platform to gain access to the stack.
UK Scaffolders Areas

Due to our going success, we have expanded the range of our services beyond Pulborough.  Examples of nearby areas that we cover include:

•    Fittleworth
•    Bury
•    Storrington
•    Shipley
•    Duncton
•    Coldwaltham
•    Ashington
•    Ashurst.

Why not call us to receive professional advice on the kind of scaffolding needed on your next project?  We’re sure that you’ll be pleased with our cheap deals and special offers.