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Pearce Scaffolders believes that it is one of the best scaffolding companies in Guildford, Surrey because of its flexible approach. Alongside our commitment to providing work platforms that meet health and safety standards, we are determined to exceed the project demands of our customers. We are able to deliver on both of these important elements by offering fully qualified teams, excellent hire terms and a TG20 compliant work system.
Our reputation as a specialist scaffolding Surrey company is second to none. We offer exceptional value during domestic, commercial and industrial projects and can respond quickly to any changing demands. Do you need a scaffolding structure or tower to be erected the next day? We may be able to deliver. If your project changes as it goes along and a different framework is required, you can give us a call and we’ll send our team of scaffolders to make the necessary alterations & as a scaffolding London based company we can be with you the following day.
We can apply for a scaffolding Surrey pavement permit on your behalf, if the job is on a pedestrian walkway.
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We can also cope admirably with schedule revisions. Does it look as if your project will finish early? We’ll come along when needed to remove the scaffolding and tidy up behind us. In our experience, though, building and renovations work tends to run beyond the estimated completion date, which is why we have structured our hire charges to recognise this. We offer a cheap 3 month hire service deal that gives our customers peace in mind. If their project over-runs, the scaffolding will still be there for the fixed price paid. However, if their project finishes on time, customers have still received great value for money.

How our scaffolding erectors offer added value

We are proud of the quality of the scaffolding teams that we have built within Pearce Scaffold. Here is how we guarantee that you will receive a professional team on site every time:


  • Every team member receives full training in line with the recognised Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme to ensure that they meet all regulations
  • All our scaffolders in Surrey are kept up to date on guidance and requirements issued by the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation – examples are SG6 on manual handling and SG10 on the use of brickguards to stop materials and tools from falling from scaffolding platforms
  • Asbestos awareness training is delivered to all of our teams
  • Our site supervisors and inspection specialists undergo Site Management Safety Training Scheme courses to ensure that they can provide advanced knowledge and advice
  • We also place as many of our scaffolders on training delivered by the International Powered Access Federation as we can so that they can obtain licences to operate mobile elevating work platforms or cherry pickers.

The company itself has all of the required qualifications, memberships and industry accreditations. By offering the latest expertise and advice on site, we can provide solutions that give reassurance and maximum value for money.


Our positive working relationships with trades companies

In our line of work, we develop lots of positive relationships with a myriad of suppliers, independent contractors (such as builders) and construction companies throughout Surrey. We have built these connections because we believe that they are important in maintaining high quality services on site. Companies that trust and respect each other will work well together, so we are committed to developing connections with like-minded individuals and businesses in the industry.
By having this place within the scaffolding sector, we can negotiate the best prices on high quality equipment and tools and work effectively alongside other trade professionals. Lower costs and efficient working gives us the opportunity to offer great deals on towers, haki stairs and access platforms without compromising the quality of what we do in any way.


Our expertise in scaffolding towers

Scaffolding towers are a common way of enabling you or your workers to work at height safely. We provide light duty towers that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and heavy duty towers that are built to design specifications. We can provide advice on the load bearing capabilities of all of our towers and recommend the best product for your project.
We also offer birdcage scaffold towers to allow workers to access ceilings and soffits. These are useful in order to repair or replace ventilation, sprinkler systems or lighting. We build a framework using a grid of standards, braces and transoms that will support a wide working platform to give workers freedom of movement.
We always use the scaffolding tag system on all our scaffold towers, and particularly on larger development sites.


Our customers

Regardless of the type of site or project, we can provide scaffolding Surrey services to suit. We have worked on rental, residential and holiday properties through to large commercial building sites & have the right solution for every circumstance. If you need a competent and proficient scaffolding hire service in Surrey, we are confident that we can deliver a structure that will allow your project to run smoothly and efficiently.