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Whether you need some work done on your home or are managing a new development site, you won’t want to compromise on the standard of services that you receive from the contractors that you hire. When it comes to the scaffold required on your project, you want to know that you’re hiring the best scaffolding firm in Selsey. Thanks to our experience & qualified scaffolding erectors Chichester (we are locally based) and commitment to get the job done quickly but professionally, Pearce Scaffolders is the company that you need.


One of the key points of our services is our ability to provide expert advice free of charge. We have worked on the most complex and large scale projects around so we can share our technical knowledge with you and suggest the right solutions for your site. Here are a few examples of the site issues that we can improve:


Brickwork Scaffolding Selsey



  • An awkward or tight working space: The scaffold tower or structure that we devise can transform the ease with which your trade workers can access building areas, such as a steep roof, and provide sufficiently wide working platforms to allow the work needed to be carried out. We also build in access staircases where required.
  • Entrance and exit workflow points: If people are working on the interior and exterior of the building at the same time, we will supply a gantry scaffold that will improve rather than hinder the workflow around the site.
  • Heavy materials to be moved around the site: Manual handling activities, particularly those that get tiles and bricks from ground to upper levels, can be dangerous if they’re not undertaken properly. Our range of hoists or rope & wheel will allow those items to be manoeuvred with safety and efficiency in mind.
  • Promotion of working at height regulations: Our advanced site supervisors, who have undertaken additional training, can provide valuable guidance on how to ensure that you meet these health and safety standards. We also implement equipment such as scaffold tags and alarms, edge protection and safety nets to minimise any risks.


Very often, a full scaffold design is required, meaning that your project will need to be risk assessed in terms of the use of scaffold towers and frames. We are able to provide those risk assessments and method statements to ensure that you comply with legislation and maintain safe working practices. And, of course, we use only TG20 compliant systems to ensure a high quality and robust service.


To back this up, we provide a weekly inspection on the scaffolding we have supplied. This ensures that there has been no damage caused by the elements or any other reason.


Maximum access on Selsey renovation projects

Each scaffolder knows their purpose and has the qualifications to play a productive part of the scaffolding team on your site. As suppliers of innovative scaffolding services and experienced personnel dedicated to meeting customer expectations in full, UK Scaffolders will make it much easier for your trades professionals to work on site and to schedule.


We know exactly which scaffold boards to use on each project. It’s essential that the scaffolding we build supports the correct width, length and depth of platforms and that the boards can support the weight of the workers and the materials to be used. Load bearing is an incredibly important element of the scaffold design and is one of our top priorities when devising the solution for your renovation work in Selsey.


Keeping your scaffolding Selsey project costs low

We offer value on all domestic, commercial and industrial projects, regardless of the size or location. We achieve this by getting it right first time and working efficiently when erecting and dismantling our scaffolding. Our expertise on a wide range of scaffolds - including independent, support and access - and other solutions such as crash decks and walkways is second to none. We are dedicated, however, to ensuring that this expertise is available at competitive prices. We cater to a wide range of customers such as residential property owners, shop owners, factory managers, construction companies and trade firms.


We provide great cheap deals on longer term scaffolding by including a 3 month hire period as standard in our quotes. This is a simple but effective part of our pricing policy as it removes the worry of paying extra charges or penalties if you need the scaffold for longer than expected. However, if scaffolding is wanted only for a few days or a week while your rental property roof is repaired or walls are painted, we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the cost.


We deliver our scaffolding hire services throughout Selsey and across the surrounding area. If you are unsure if we cover your location, why not give us a call? Some of the nearby places to which we can deliver include:


  • Walberton
  • Arundel
  • Bognor Regis
  • Bosham
  • Chichester
  • Havant
  • Littlehampton
  • Birdham.

If you’ve been disappointed by scaffolding companies in the past or feel that you could get a better deal, we’d like to change your mind about the quality of service that you can get. Our scaffolders are available to discuss your requirements and to explain how they can be met in full.


Latest UK Scaffolders projects in Selsey: