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Our secure and reliable scaffolding hire services

UK Scaffolders offers a top notch scaffold hire service for homes, offices and industrial units or buildings. We will come to your property to erect and dismantle safely and meticulously the scaffolding structures that you need.
Scaffolding has many uses, including:
  •     Offering a secure framework from which to build a new home or building
  •     Supporting the structure of buildings that require repair
  •     Acting as a solid way to access a roof to replace or repair it or to allow workers to paint the exterior walls
  •     Forming a base for temporary structures such as a open air stage
  •     Acting as a support or platform under or beside bridges to facilitate repairs or maintenance.
Scaffold hire
You may not realise that as well as external scaffolding we can also deliver staircase scaffold hire and indoor scaffolding hire that is designed to fit particular or awkward spaces. Our experience and flexible approach mean that we can provide scaffolding erection and dismantling services for all these purposes and to accommodate all sizes of projects. We have the expertise to deliver client satisfaction to home owners, construction firms, commercial companies and local authorities. With all our scaffolding hire we conform to British scaffolding hire standards. (info on British scaffolding standards)
Scaffolding poles and platforms must be built carefully and properly to ensure that those who use it can work safely. Because scaffolding hire almost always means that working at height will be involved, we take the issue of health and safety very seriously, which is why we only offer services where we build and dismantle the scaffolding ourselves.
We have a wide range of platforms, scaffolding boards, scaffold tower hire and a design service to accommodate any building. Much of our equipment comes in a variety of sizes and is adjustable so we can undertake small and huge jobs alike.

Scaffolding on building projects

Construction firms have to incorporate the costs of scaffolding hire in their budgets when preparing quotes. It’s therefore important that these companies know how much the scaffolding will cost at a time when they might not know exactly how many weeks they will spend on the project.
In response to this, we offer a great value price for a standard period of 12 weeks. Other scaffolding companies may not offer such an extended hire period but we understand that clients need to rely upon having the scaffolding when they need it. Of course, if the scaffolding is needed for a longer period, we are happy to negotiate an appropriate charge for the remaining days or weeks required.
If the project doesn’t last as long as 12 weeks, we think that our prices will still compare well against other companies charging on a weekly or monthly basis. If you need the certainty of having the scaffolding available, our service offers the best of both worlds. You know that you will not pay extra if your 8 week project runs over by a few weeks and that the scaffolding will be taken down quickly and efficiently if you finish earlier than expected.
Of course, if you are planning a large build project that will definitely go beyond the 12 week period, we can provide a quote that will offer exceptional value.

Scaffolding for domestic and small building purposes

We also undertake many smaller jobs where property owners need to hire scaffolding for a much shorter period. These can include wall resurfacing, roof repairs, office refurbishments, exterior painting, window replacements and repointing of chimney stacks.
We’d always advise you to use a professional scaffolding hire company that has the experience and flexibility to erect and remove the scaffolding when you want. Don’t risk accidents by hiring the equipment and building the scaffolding yourself. Our low prices mean that you can use UK Scaffolders to take the hassle factor away from your maintenance or refurbishment project. We can quickly but thoroughly assess your home or property for any particular risks and use the right type of equipment to ensure a secure build.
We’d like to give a special mention to our roof and chimney scaffolding services, which are regularly in demand. If you need a temporary roof structure to protect your home while your project is in progress, we’ll erect the scaffolding up to roof level, then install alloy beams over the roof’s span and use corrugated sheets and monaflex sheeting at the appropriate places to ensure that the great British rain can’t get in.
We also have the expertise to provide scaffolding for the hardest to access chimney stacks so that they can be rendered or repaired or have a new flue liner installed.

The scaffolding products that we use

As we mentioned, we use a wide range of equipment to ensure that we can undertake almost any type of job. These include traditional tubes and fittings, cuplock scaffolding, alloy stagings and a fully purpose built scaffold tower. With a huge amount of stock in our yard, we can undertake almost any kind of job and offer expertise on many different types of scaffolding London, Sussex, Hampshire & Surrey challenges.
We guarantee that we only use high quality equipment and materials as we aim to please every time. Combining this with our adaptable approach means that we can provide a reliable but responsive service to delight our customers.

What UK Scaffolders clients receive

In essence, our clients know that they can expect punctuality, efficient working practices, competitive pricing and a scaffolding structure that is safe and appropriate to their project. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, whether the scaffolding hire period is for a few days or for many months, and have a variety of flexible pricing options that suit everybody.
Our team is fully trained and has years of experience in the scaffolding industry so you can be sure that you have placed your trust in the right people.
Whatever your needs, we’re confident that we have a solution that will suit your budget. We deliver our professional scaffolding services in London and across East Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex. Our experienced team is available to discuss our products, services and prices and answer your questions at any time.