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This hoist is easily operated by a simple push button control with a platform for lifting materials that has 1.8m sides installed to three sides of the platform for easy movement of scaffolding tube, boards and other large objects. There is a hinged ramp which is locked electronically.

The unloading of this type of platform hoist is very easy as the platform swivels 90 degrees into the face of the scaffolding or elevation of the building. The largest hoist we have in stock is the Wickham 1000kg mast hoist used for transporting people on site up to a level or for large materials.

This hoist has a large cage 3m x 1.5m and includes a roof to the cage with a trapdoor as an emergency exit and to assist with the hoist erection. There is a control panel for using this hoist and if hired from us we include a free training session for up to six users.

We can include any of these lifting products used with or without our scaffolding and for further details or advice on the best type of hoist for your project please contact us.