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We provide robust scaffolding solutions to a variety of customers in Peterfield. We believe that we are the best scaffolding contractor in the region for speed, safety and cheap deals.


We are the suppliers of scaffolding Petersfield services and tower structures for the following domestic and commercial projects:


  • Office refurbishments
  • Factory repairs or renovations for small and large companies
  • Shop front redesigns
  • House extensions (including lofts)
  • Unstable building supports
  • Rental property improvements
  • Cleaning of public buildings
  • Installation of new roofs
  • New housing developments
  • Building demolition.

By meeting our customers’ expectations, we have established a reputation for trustworthiness and honesty. We guarantee to supply qualified and expert teams of erectors who will build exactly to your specifications and undertake weekly inspections for the duration of the project.


Scaffolding Petersfield Road Bordon 

If you are concerned about complying with working at height regulations and ensuring safety when using scaffolding, let us manage your obligations. We have an extensive array of robust TG20 compliant tube, boards & fittings, sturdy work platforms with safety handrails, scaffold tags, alarms, debri netting & to keep our workers safe - harnesses. A safe scaffold structure makes for an effective construction site so use our low cost deals to help your residential, commercial or industrial Petersfield projects run seamlessly.


Our solution to common access problems

However large you think your scaffolding issues may be, we’ll have the answer. With a large portfolio of satisfied customers behind us, we have the expertise to provide the structures required on any type of project.


Here are examples of some of the issues that Petersfield customers present to us and how we resolve them.


Transport of heavy materials and tools around the site

We respond to these needs by providing a variety of hoists, scaffold lifts, secure walkways and rubbish chutes. Alongside the right access scaffolding and stairs, these features will allow equipment and materials to be moved around easily and avoid manual handling issues.


Safety of the public in the immediate area

As a company that has obtained street licences on behalf of clients for scaffolding to be used on pavements and streets, we are experts in devising frameworks, structures and towers that cause minimal risk and inconvenience. Our services include the provision of pedestrian bridges and walkways for the public to use and edge protection to prevent tools or other items falling from platforms on to anyone passing below. We have an impeccable record on this type of service, thanks to the advanced knowledge of our scaffolders.


Requirement for frequent access to the inside of buildings

On construction or development sites, it’s common for workers to need easy access to the interior of properties as well as the higher exterior levels. To facilitate this, we integrate gantries and ledges into the overall scaffold design so that workflow is optimised. Alternatively, a customer simply may need to make sure that they can still get the car out of the garage while their home is being restored! Either way, we deliver whatever is wanted to give people the right entry and exit points.


Awkward access requirements

Some properties, such as churches and large houses, need some additional thought when their roof tiles need to be replaced or chimney stack requires repairs. With our expertise, we will build a structure that gives trades people the space to do their work and get the job completed more quickly than you might expect.


UK Scaffolders’s customer service standards

We’re an independent contractor that is dedicated to offering an exceptional customer service in Petersfield on top of our impeccable safety record and technical knowledge. You’ll find that our teams are polite, customer focused and attentive. Each scaffolder receives high quality training in customer service, including adapting to changes in requirements and providing clear and friendly guidance.


We expect our scaffolding teams to listen carefully to your needs, promptly build the right structure for the project and provide all necessary additional documentation, such as risk assessments, method statements and handover certificates. We also guarantee that we’ll be there when you need us to build, alter and dismantle the scaffolding on your property. Our ability to adapt is something that pushes us ahead of the competition. If sudden changes are needed within your project’s scaffold structures, we’ll respond promptly.


We are renowned for our scaffolding Petersfield packages & services - and in the surrounding areas - for providing professional workmanship at all times. Out of town, our service range includes Midhurst, Chichester, Bordon, Fernhurst, Hindhead, Bosham and Haslemere areas.


If you would like to put us to the test, we’d be delighted to conduct a site survey and advise you on the type of scaffolding that’s best for your development and its associated costs. We are committed to responding to enquiries within two hours and offering prices that are sure to please.


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