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If you need a scaffolding hire service carried out in a hurry, Pearce Scaffolders is the company to approach. We are able to offer a next day scaffolding Havant erecting service to trades and construction companies on urgent jobs – for example, to provide support for an unstable building – because of the resources, equipment and experienced scaffolders Hampshire that we have in place.

Not all companies can provide this type of immediate response. However, we have resolved the worries of many a customer by delivering a professional emergency service. And, because the build is required in such a short space of time, we always allocate our most experienced erectors to the job to ensure that health and safety regulations are met. Whether we have one day or one week in which to build a scaffolding tower or structure, there is no compromising on the quality of our work. You can be sure that the scaffolding will still be built within the TG20 compliant system and that you and your workers can walk on the platforms safely.

We answer all types of urgent work requests for scaffolding in Havant, Hayling Island & Hampshire as a professional scaffolding contractors Portsmouth company, including materials slipping from roofs, crumbling brickwork and extensive damage caused to properties. If you need scaffolding work platforms immediately to repair issues that may be a danger to people, we can provide what you need with no fuss. We use scaffold tags, safety nets, harnesses and handrails as a matter of course.


Access for commercial buildings

We are accomplished in assembling scaffold structures and stairs for all types of commercial building and renovation projects, including shop fronts, hotels, offices and pubs. We have applied for and obtained street/pavement licences including erecting scaffolding Hayling Island street works where the scaffold structure needed will encroach on public areas so that our customers don’t have to pursue this. We have the experience to deliver a solution that will give you the access wanted to your building, allow workers to get on with the job safely and protect the public from any hazards.

Scaffolding Queens Anne Drive Havant

You will see that we can devise almost any type of structure to meet all kinds of needs. Whether your project involves exterior painting, new fixtures and fittings or protective coatings to the walls, we have a scaffolding design that will suit the job. Our teams have the qualifications and knowledge to deliver in many different scenarios. In addition, we provide them with regular training so that you can be sure of a quality scaffolding build.

One important feature that we’d like to highlight is our commitment to offering excellent value for money. We achieve this by providing great prices overall but also by including 3 months’ hire in all of our quotes. For larger Havant commercial refurbishments or builds, this gives the project manager some leeway if one part of the work takes longer than anticipated. Of course, we can also offer very competitive deals on longer hire periods.


Scaffolding for residential properties

UK Scaffolders is an independent company that has provided scaffolding solutions for many trade professionals and contractors undertaking renovations and extension projects for rental and owned properties. Businesses such as these need suppliers to be reliable and deliver what they say they will, or their customers will become dissatisfied. We know the importance of delivering and building to schedule, allowing your company to undertake the project & keeping to your schedule. We’re also quick in disassembling the scaffolding when the work is complete, so that householders don’t suffer from equipment being left in their gardens for days afterwards.

We can also supply rubbish chutes and hoists that will allow you to remove old materials and replace them with new (for example, roof tiles or bricks). By building structures or towers that allow you to work more efficiently, we are helping your Havant business to cover more projects and become more profitable. Our services are also low cost, enabling you to use the professionals every time.  


Why our services are highly rated

Each scaffolder that we employ is fully qualified and has an immense amount of experience of building secure and stable work platforms. Our teams boast an advanced knowledge of the latest equipment and techniques in manual handling, safe working, required access and so on.


We cover all of Havant and the surrounding area. The nearby towns that we also service include:


  • Bosham
  • Waterlooville
  • Stubbington
  • Portsmouth
  • Midhurst
  • Fareham
  • Selsey
  • Ryde
  • Bembridge
  • Swanmore.

If you need a cheap deal on scaffolding but doubt if you can afford the quality that we deliver, think again. The value on our quotes stands up to the most rigorous inspection. We are one of the most affordable scaffolding hire firms in Havant, offering great prices on domestic, commercial and industrial projects alike. Put us to the test by calling or emailing us for further information.