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People generally associate scaffolding hire with construction companies, new build developments and office block refurbishments. While UK Scaffolders does have years of experience of delivering services to these projects in Guildford, scaffold work platforms and structures have many uses. We have solved many access problems for domestic and commercial customers so that they can clean, refurbish and repair.
Our qualified teams of erectors can provide scaffolding platforms, towers and haki stairs on a variety of purposes where working at height is needed. UK Scaffolders Guildford is a fully accredited company that delivers convenient assembling and dismantling services to the surrounding areas including our scaffolding Woking customers, designed to get your DIY, renovation or construction work up and running. We provide training to our scaffolders to ensure that they meet all regulations and erect scaffolding safely (using scaffolding safely guide) providing the safest and most efficient scaffold build in Guildford and beyond.

Scaffolding services for home improvements

We are happy to provide our services to homeowners who are project managing work on their houses or to small trades companies as part of the refurbishment package that they are delivering regardless of if you need scaffolding Dorking or require the assistance of a affordable & profesional scaffolding company London. We stock a huge range of equipment that is utilised in a TG20 compliant manner so you can be sure of a professional service, no matter what the layout of the property in question. We also address all safety concerns by providing debri netting and safety handrails where required.
We can assist with the following projects:
  • House extensions or conservatory builds – we can create two tier platform solutions or an adjustable tower with beams that facilitates a smooth building process
  • Chimney stack repairs – we will supply everything to allow you or your bricklayer to reach your chimney safely
  • Temporary roofs – if you are replacing your roof, we can build a temporary roofing structure to protect your home from wind and rain and secure working platforms for roofers to use
  • Exterior painting, guttering replacements or wall repairs – we can provide simple structures that give freedom of movement without compromising on safety
  • Indoor repairs or renovations – we deliver tower frameworks for indoor use that are especially handy in hallways or rooms with high ceilings or hard to reach corners
  • Cavity wall insulation – our scaffolding platforms ensure that all parts of the property’s walls are covered.

Scaffolding Westwood Lane Guildford

Wherever working at height is needed, we can assist with our wide choice of structures. If there is a substantial amount of work being done on your house in Guildford, we can even provide scaffolding tree protection to protect nearby trees from damage from builders or contractors.

Access to low cost scaffolding for Guildford trades

We work hand in hand with many different types of trades, professionals, suppliers and companies. Using our scaffolding platforms means that small home improvements and renovation businesses can provide a wider range of services and work more efficiently. We regularly supply a scaffolding solution to painters and decorators to allow them to undertake interior and exterior work. If we provide complete satisfaction to our trade customers, they are more likely in turn to provide a highly professional finish that will make their customers happy.
Indoors or outdoors, we will establish a steel frame with scaffold boards to ensure that the project is delivered safely. When it is complete, we’ll return quickly and dismantle the scaffolding or staircase without causing any damage whatsoever. Each scaffolder that we use is trained to offer a proficient, reliable and courteous service, particularly if there is direct contact with the homeowner.
We can, of course, offer the same range of services on rental properties, including residential apartment blocks. We provide scaffolding designs that will support workers and materials safely and throughout the duration of the project. On building sites, we can deliver a scafftag system and inspections that will keep safe working at the top of everyone’s agenda.

The importance of good scaffold prices

When a project budget is tight, it’s essential that Guildford homeowners, trades companies and construction firms can use a trusted and competent firm that also offers great value for money. We believe that UK Scaffolders Guildford fits the bill entirely. We keep our procedures efficient and our costs low so that we can produce a pricing policy that is hard to beat.
However, while our prices are cheap, we don’t skimp on the qualities that matter. In using UK Scaffolders , you are buying into a team that is CISR qualified, includes a health and safety advisor to offer advanced expertise and brings extensive experience to every job. We are also happy to have our services scrutinised and have joined Checkatrade, an independent website that allows customers to write reviews on our work. That’s how confident we are about the quality that we deliver.
Whether you need scaffolding support on a DIY project or a full scale industrial site renovation, UK Scaffolders is committed to providing quotes and a quality of service that will keep every customer happy.


Scaffolding Work Completed in Guildford

UK Scaffolders has served Guildford for years now and during that time we’ve completed jobs for hundreds of clients. Listed are a few of our most recent jobs:
York road, Guildford
A hanging scaffold was installed on the roof level of this block of flats to change a window positioned at high level. Alloy beams were erected with Kentiledge to allow a hanging platform to be installed for the works with two lifts boarded and a ladder access from roof level.
Kingfisher Drive, Guildford
Access scaffolding was built to the girth of a block of residential flats to install new soffits, fascias and guttering. Four lifts of scaffold was provided with the two top lifts boarded and handrailed and including an external ladder access tower.
Chertsey Street, Guildford
This office block needed scaffold built to all four sides with lifts boarded to change the windows on all floors. A scaffold gantry was provided over the main entrance to the building with a protective fan installed to stop any falling debris during the works.
Kings Road, Guildford
A highway scaffold was installed to a shop front canopy for renewing the flat roof area. Three levels were erected to the full height of the building with boarded lifts to suit the works. Debris netting was installed as part of the highway specification.
Pirbright Road, Guildford
Scaffold towers were provided to seven locations on the building for access to renew the lead works on the dormer windows. We erected platforms up to gutter level with one lift canterlivered on to the roof for access to the works.
Ardmore Avenue, Guildford
Progressive scaffolding was required to enable the super structure to be constructed up to roof level on this block of new build flats. We provided internal scaffolding to build the internal blockwork walls and a birdcage scaffold on the top floor for the roof to be installed.

Latest UK Scaffolders projects in Guildford: